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Bootcamp Classes

Bootcamp class offers personal trainer type of focus in a group-class setting. We keep a class limit of 15 members to encourage a comfortable class setting, because we take pride in teaching good mechanics and keeping our participants safe. Large classes can be a lot of fun but can leave participants confused and neglected. You are encouraged to bring water and a yoga mat or towel. Exercises will include body-weight moves, cardiovascular training, resistance training, speed and agility work, and plyometrics. We will supply the equipment needed. All you need to do is bring yourself and a willingness to kick some butt! Modifications are provided. 

Personal Training

Personal training involves one-on-one interaction with one of us. This can be done in person or online or both. We can work in a much more interactive, personal and individualized manner depending on your ability, motivation and goals. To contact Blaire Rummel for personal training, please email her directly at jockbarbie34@gmail.com 

Group Training (2-4 people)

Group training offers a more personalized approach than BOD, but a more affordable option than personal training. Grab a friend or a few, and work on achieving your fitness and health goals together. Group training can be a lot of fun and offers challenging aspects such as partner workouts in addition to the accountability factor. This type of training can be offered at the BOD location or can be changed based on the needs/goals of the group. 

Nutrition Help 

Sara Kuhn, RDN, LD is available to help you take your overall wellness to a higher level and improve your relationship with food. She can help you move away from the concept of "dieting" and towards recognizing that all food is nourishing while learning to listen to your body. She is available for one one one specialized sessions, tailored to lifestyle and personal goals. In center and FaceTime/phone options are available as well.