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Got concerns? Questions? 


The idea of a group fitness class can sound really scary to a lot of people. We want to be able to address some common questions and concerns that you may have so you can feel assured that Northwest BOD will fit your needs. 


How do I pay and signup for a session? 


We use Schedulicity Pay, Venmo, and accept cash or check. Please make out checks to: Northwest BOD.  Please bring payment prior to class (exact change is appreciated). There is a sign-up section in this website too on the "Book a class here" link as well as on our homepage, or check the app on your own by downloading Schedulicity and searching for our Northwest BOD schedule. You can click on which class you would like to attend, and simply fill out the information required. Registration closes 10 hours prior to class time. 


What does a BOD session look like? 


We pride ourselves in mixing workouts up and never repeating a session. While some exercises will become familiar, we want to keep your body guessing and challenged. We will help you warm-up with some dynamic moves to get your body ready to work, then take you through a fun circuit styled challenge to help you build strength, lose fat, improve flexibility, and become healthier. We will end every session with a cool-down as well. 


Am I fit enough to come to a class? I'm scared! 


We will instruct you on how to perform a modified, lower-impact version of any of the exercises we assign in the class. Before you begin the program, we want to know what physical limitations you may have or injuries, and make sure you are medically cleared to workout. This will help us learn what you specifically need and how to advance you in a safe manner. Ultimately our goal is to help you perform all of the exercises, and with safe modification and progression this can be achieved. 


What do I need to bring? 


You will need a yoga mat or towel, your running shoes, and water or electrolyte mix. Come dressed for a workout, with comfortable apparel that can move with you. We highly suggest avoiding cotton-only clothing because cotton is difficult to dry and can lead to chaffing. 

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