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Group Fitness 

We offer group fitness classes 6 day a week, packed full of strength-training, cardio and athletic-based moves. We adjust the intensity and provide modifications based on your fitness levels, goals and injury history. No workout is the same and is programmed the day before with special care, focusing on improving the overall fitness of the group each week and keeping members entertained and focused. You can book a class via the "book a class here" tab on this page or via the "sign up" tab at the top.


Personal and semi-private training

We currently have 3 NASM-certified personal trainers providing personal and semi-private training (2-6 people/session). You'll get more personalized focus here tailored around your goals. Please email us to book or for more info:

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While we can provide general nutrition information, our amazingly talented friend, Tori Jensen, RD, RN offers greater expertise via her virtual programs. You can contact her at: or via her IG @thetorijensen 

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