We are open again!

As of May 18, 2020, we have reopened group fitness training in our facility but will continue filming workouts throughout the week to help keep your fitness consistent and uninterrupted if you are wanting to workout in your own home. If you would like to receive a YouTube recording, please email us or text Blaire at 541-913-1767 to receive a link. Please note that this recording will count as a normal group fitness class. You can use your punch cards, drop ins or unlimited monthly option to view these classes.  

As we navigate reopening this next month or two, we just wanted to say thank you for your continued support and grace. We are working hard following Oregon Health Authority protocols set forth and will be moving forward slowly and as responsibly as possible. For this current time, class size occupancy will be limited and no children will be allowed. We will keep the doors closed until 2-4 minutes prior to class time. You must sign a new waiver to work out in class and please do not come into the gym if you are sick. There is a list of screening questions posted at our front door and on our Facebook group. Signups will continue via Schedulicity. Thank you for your patience and understanding! 

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